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TJP staff has designed specialty pools including Baja Studios filming tanks and the NASA Neutral Bouyancy Laboratory (NBL).

TJP staff designed the water treatment systems for the Baja Studios pool complex which was originally built to film the movie “Titanic.” Since its initial construction several other movies have been filmed at this studio complex. The water treatment system is designed to maintain clean, clear water and includes incoming seawater treatment, pool recirculation, and piping flexibility to allow for isolating different areas of the facility. The entire complex holds over two million gallons and pools include a series of outdoor filming tanks with infinity edges to give the appearance of continuity with the adjacent Pacific Ocean.

TJP staff water treatment design for the NASA NBL succeeded in meeting NASA’s requirements for exceptionally clear water together with the contradictory requirement for near zero water movement.

TJP Projects that include Specialty Pools:

  • Baja Studios Rosarito, Rosarito, Mexico

    • Filming Tanks (1)

  • NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

    • 6.2 Million Gallon Pool (1)

(1) Work performed by TJP Staff, prior to the formation of TJP, Inc.

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