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TJP staff have designed water treatment systems for a variety of water rides and specialty effects.  Our systems maintain water that is safe for human contact and also aesthetically pleasing. Typically ride and effect water is treated to or beyond local swimming pool codes. Also, it is important to consider odors associated with the ride and effect water, so processes like ozonation and carbon filtration are implemented to avoid the chlorine or chemical smell often associated with water features. Design of these treatment systems also requires considerable coordination with the ride designers and site architects to make sure systems provide the ride or effect's intent, as well as integrate with the theming to enhance the guest experience. TJP designs have included water treatment for various rides and effects ranging from roller coasters to dump buckets and from pop jets to dramatic “flash floods.”

TJP Projects that include Rides and/or Effects:


  • Miami Zoo

    • Mission Everglades

      • Boat Ride

  • SeaWorld Orlando

    • Manta Coaster and Aquarium

  • SeaWorld San Diego

    • Shipwreck Rapids (1)

    • Journey to Atlantis


  • Brevard Zoo

    • Children’s Zoo

      • Children’s Water Play Area

  • Jacksonville Zoo

    • Children’s Zoo

      • Kid’s Zoo Waterplay

  • San Diego Zoo

    • Elephant Odyssey

      • Tar Pit

(1) Work performed by TJP Staff, prior to the formation of TJP, Inc.

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