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TJP and our staff have worked on the ground-up design of life support systems (LSS) for the largest marine parks in Asia, Europe and North America. Our work at large amusement and theme parks spans the range from master planning, thru design, construction and startup of our systems, to retrofit of new features within the original park facilities. Our systems typically cover water intake and treatment, seawater mixing, and a wide range of LSS types and sizes that serve the smallest of aquatic creatures, to the largest marine mammals and sharks in captivity. TJP's engineeering expertise, combined with proficiency in project coordination, provides successful strategy for implementing aquariums, marine mammal and zoological animal exhibits within marine, amusement and theme parks.

TJP's Marine, Amusement & Theme Park Projects include:

  • Puerto Vallarta Dolphin Adventures, Puerto Vallarta & Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

    • Puerto Vallarta Dolphin LSS Renovation

    • Cabo San Lucas Dolphin Center Interaction Exhibit

  • SeaWorld Orlando

    • Manta Coaster and Aquarium

    • Sea Turtle Aquarium

    • Manatee Renovation

    • Antarctica Penguin Renovation

  • SeaWorld San Antonio

    • Original Park (1)

    • Stingray Interactive Facility

    • Sea Turtle Aquarium

  • SeaWorld San Diego

    • Shamu -87 Killer Whale Facility (1)

    • Shamu Close-Up (1)

    • Wild Arctic (1)

    • Dolphin Community (1)

    • Dolphin Stadium (1)

    • Shipwreck Rapids (1)

    • Sea Lion & Otter Stadium (1)

    • Seawater Intake Filtration Renovation (1)

    • Journey to Atlantis

    • Main LSS Plant Renovation

    • Dine with Shamu Renovation

    • Dolphin Show Pool Renovation

    • Sea Turtle Exhibit

    • Front Entry

    • Ocean Explorer Exhibits

  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

    • Orca and Dolphin Show Facility (1)

    • Dolphin Exhibit (1)

    • Walrus Exhibit (1)

    • Seal and Sea Lion Exhibit (1)

    • Ray Touch Tank

    • Temperate Penguin Exhibit

    • Dolphin Interactive Facility

  • Ureki Dolphin Facility, Ureki, Republic of Georgia

    • Dolphin Reproduction Center

    • Seawater Intake

(1) Work performed by TJP Staff, prior to the formation of TJP, Inc.

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