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Proper master planning of a project is critical to subsequent design and construction efforts.  This effort must be based on a depth of experience and expertise such as TJP provides, state-of-the-art technology, the expectations and budget of the owner, staffing requirements, other long-term O&M costs, and many other issues. 

Having designed hundreds life support systems of every size for just about every critter that lives in the water, TJP has the qualifications to ensure master plans that reflect the most cost-effective systems for your facility.

Thorough feasibility studies are critical to establishing the viability of a project, and getting the project started in the right direction.

These studies are typically conducted to establish design criteria or select technology to solve a unique problem.   An important component of this service is the development of a realistic cost estimate, which can be used by owners for making financial decisions and planning.

TJP personnel have the experience necessary to develop and evaluate solutions rooted in scientific principals, relevant biological factors, and practical application.  Many of our completed studies have been presented as papers at industry conferences such as AZA, AALSO, and IAC.

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