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TJP has designed water systems for several laboratory and specialty aquatics facilities. Our work for these facilities has included raw seawater intakes, raw seawater filtration and treatment, as well as the distribution of raw and treated seawater throughout the laboratories. Our work has also included collection and treatment of laboratory seawater waste, in order to make it safe for discharge. In addition, TJP has designed recirculating life support systems for several laboratory and specialty aquatics facilities.


TJP's Laboratory & Specialty Aquatic Projects include:

  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory

    • Seawater Supply Feasibility Study

  • California State Universities Moss Landing Laboratories

    • Seawater Laboratories (1)

    • Moss Landing Seawater Intake System Review

  • Baja Studios, Rosarito, Mexico

    • Filming Tanks (1)

  • King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    • Seawater Laboratories

  • NASA Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

    • 6.2 Million Gallon Pool (1)

  • NOAA/NMFS Galveston

    • Seawater Intake Treatment System Pilot Plant

    • Seawater Intake Treatment Design

  • Texas A M Galveston Sea Life Center

    • Seawater Laboratories

  • University of California at Santa Cruz Long Marine Laboratory

    • Seawater Intake Evaluation

(1) Work performed by TJP Staff, prior to the formation of TJP, Inc.

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