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TJP has designed a wide variety of water treatment systems for avian habitats. Our staff has been a leader in providing engineering of avian water systems ranging from constructed wetlands for migratory birds to Antarctic penguins. These facilities can require engineering of systems that mimic nature and solutions for addressing aquaculture and wetland design using minimal energy. For Antarctic birds a good understanding of cold water systems is needed to account for chilling requirements, minimizing energy losses, sizing systems for the higher fluid viscosity, and prevention of condensation. Avian exhibits can also have special process requirements due to the very high bacteria and colloid (fine particulate) concentrations in avian waste products.

TJP Projects that include Birds:


  • Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain, UAE

    • UAE World Desert

      • Flamingo Exhibit

  • Al Bustan Zoological Centre, UAE

    • Lemur & Flamingo Renovation

  • America’s Wildlife Museum and Aquarium

    • Wonders of Wildlife Renovation and Expansion

      • Flamingo Exhibit

  • Fort Worth Zoo

    • Serengeti

      • Flamingo Exhibit

  • Miami Zoo

    • Mission Everglades

      • Flamingo Exhibit




(1) Work performed by TJP Staff, prior to the formation of TJP, Inc.

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