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Nicole joined TJP as an engineering intern in 2007 and has been an Associate Engineer with the firm since she completed her Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2011.

Nicole is a registered professional engineer in the States of Oregon, California and Iowa. She works on a wide variety of projects and tasks. She participates in project meetings with clients, conducts site visits during construction and startup, and coordinates our work with other engineering disciplines and architects. She also designs treatment processes, calculates LSS system hydraulics, performs heat transfer analysis, selects equipment, develops cost estimates, and completes construction administration activities.

Nicole is very detail oriented and has been instrumental developing in house engineering standards like our standard blocks for diagram development, standard details, and master specifications. While working full time for TJP, Nicole also completed her Master’s in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University in the spring of 2014.

In her spare time, when not working, Nicole enjoys playing basketball, surfing, and working on old cars with her dad including restoring her 1966 mustang.


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TJP Engineering Team-Nicole Nuccitelli-2022.jpg
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