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Joel is the Chief Engineer at TJP and is a founding principal.  As Chief Engineer, Joel provides technical support and oversight for all projects at TJP. 

Over the past 38 years, Joel has worked from master planning through design and start up of large municipal water projects, marine parks, and aquarium projects.  These projects include structural design of 20 million gallon drinking water reservoirs, planning and design of life support systems for large marine parks, exceptional, world class aquariums, numerous marine mammal facilities, and aquatic zoo facilities. 

Joel started his journey in professional engineering in 1982.  He looks at his job as rooting out whatever technical details are necessary to accomplish the best end results.  Applying scientific knowledge, detailed information, and arcane facts are favorite parts of his work.

Prior to engineering, Joel worked as an aircraft Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, where he was always thinking “hey, given the chance I could engineer something better that this.”   With his background as a mechanic, Joel never forgets that there is some person who will have to deal with the end result of our engineering.

Anything adventurous and in nature is game for Joel:  mountaineering, surfing, and bicycling.  The trouble in life is finding that balance between finding enjoyment in the world around you and improving the world around you.


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TJP Engineering Team-Joel Johnson-2022.jpg
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