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ReShark's StAR Project 

TJP is proud to have been a part of team to design the life support system for the StAR Project. The hope of the project is to restore the local Zebra Shark population. Recently, there has been a decline due to habitat degradation and overharvesting due to shark finning. Zebra sharks are listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

The life support system is location in the nursery in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This system utilizes the beautiful natural seawater around the nursery and a flow-through life support system. Submersible pumps transfer water to a water retention tank before distrubiting to the eggs and pump tanks. Water exits the tanks via skimmers and return back into the generous ocean we borrowed it from. 

Please check out the videos below shared by ReShark about the project!

Visit their website for more information and videos!

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