About Kris Brown


Kris has been working for TJP since 2016 as designer. Prior to joining TJP, Kris was an LSS operator at Sea World California. In addition to routine LSS operations, Kris was instrumental in maintaining the LSS Automated Controls System, in the park. He has been working closely with TJP LSS Engineers to deepen his understanding and knowledge about life support systems. As a designer Kris primarily works to develop 3D models of the LSS processes in REVIT.  Kris coordinates with project architects the other disciplines such as mechanical, plumbing and structural engineers to complete detailed, accurate drawing packages.  When creating these packages Kris strives to design life support systems that work from an operations and maintenance stand point, while implementing the process design.

In his free time he enjoys travelling, golfing, camping, hiking, fishing, and grilling out with friends.