Know How

Concept Services Concept Services

At the Concept stage, we interpret the LSS needs for each of exhibits and begin to prioritize engineering concepts based on overall project goals.

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Masterplanning and Feasibility Studies Masterplanning and Feasibility Studies

Proper master planning of a project is critical to subsequent design and construction efforts. This effort must be based on a depth of experience and expertise such as TJP provides, state-of-the-art technology, the expectations and budget of the owner, staffing requirements, other long-term O&M costs, and many other issues.

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Schematic Design Schematic Design

This stage is all about sizing and coordination of information to other trades for sizing of their work. In Schematic Design we provide loads for electrical power, water utility demands, and equipment weights for structural design of buildings.

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Design Development Design Development

At the Design Development phase, details start to get worked out and commitment to the specifics is critical to the subsequent final design and construction efforts.

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Construction Documents Construction Documents

Due to the unique nature of LSS, including the fact that a number of the components are not "off the shelf," we detail our construction plans to a far greater degree than other designers.

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Construction Administration Construction Administration

Construction services are critical to the quality of the finished systems. By observing construction, we can help ensure that the completed systems reflect the intent of the construction documents.

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Operations Support Operations Support

Operating manuals are a prudent investment for the long-term success of a facility. We can prepare manuals ranging from a simple outline of basic procedures to a complex interactive, electronic manual.

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