TJP provided complete detailed bilingual contract drawings and specifications for construction of all the major life support systems in the park.  TJP set standards for LSS engineering of incoming seawater and marine salts, solids removal, organic and nutrient removal, disinfection, control of dissolved gasses, pH control, temperature control, and monitoring and control of water quality parameters.  Our work started with master planning for the five square kilometer aquatic park, with more than 14 million gallons of aquatic animal exhibit water, and more than 50 kilometers of underground LSS piping.  In addition to our design work and technical support throughout construction, TJP also provided fill time on-site LSS operations support through startup and the initial months of operation.

The project included LSS serving ray touch tanks, tide pools, beluga whales, false killer whales, polar bears, penguins, river fish, otter, walrus, pinnipeds, various dolphin species, the World’s largest saltwater aquarium tank including whale sharks, coral reef fish, sea dragons, moon jellies, octopus, and a variety of smaller aquarium tanks.  Design included innovative saltwater backwash recovery, using drum filter and foam fractionators without traditional sand filtration.  Other innovations included design for economy of scale, including World’s largest pressure sand filters and protein skimmers, all custom designed and detailed by TJP.  

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